Rev. Robert MorseRev. Robert Morse


Robert started on his spiritual path in the early 80’s, when he decided to attend a weekend event featuring psychics from around the world. The people he met that weekend, and the dream he had that Sunday night, made such a profound impact that he has spent the rest of his life learning the art of being spiritual and teaching spirituality. In 1988, while living in the Hartford, Connecticut area, Robert heard from a friend who had moved to California and settled in Sacramento. He was told that there was this place called the Berkeley Psychic Institute and there was a graduate teaching classes and doing readings in Boston, Massachusetts. After getting two readings, Robert asked himself a rhetorical question. Do I continue to have other people tell me about myself for the rest of my life or do I move to California and learn how to do it for myself?

Landing in the Bay Area of California in January of 1989, Robert started taking classes at the Church of Divine Man’s seminary workshop, the Berkeley Psychic Institute. After completing the two-year Clairvoyant, Minister in Training, Novice and Men’s Teacher programs, Robert started his psychic teaching career. As a Teaching student, when Robert taught his first solo class, he became aware that teaching in psychic kindergarten was his passion.  

After taking a six year break to experience Thailand and India, Robert returned to the Bay area in July of 2016, reinstated his membership with the Church of Divine Man, rejoined the staff of the Berkeley Mission and initiated his path back to saying “hello” to Spirit by practicing and teaching meditation, healing and clairvoyance.

Rev. Michael Sollazzo

Teacher (click here to see professional reading schedule) 

Michael is a psychic teacher and spiritual adventurer who has spent the last fifteen years using tools he learned at the Berkeley Psychic Institute to create (and sometimes destroy) his life.

He started Med I in 2003, and has been blowing pictures, cleaning out his space, getting completely stuck and unstuck, and having fun ever since.  He is a graduate of the Clairvoyant Training Program, MITs, the Teacher’s Program, and One-to-One and he is the former Erasure Lecture Coordinator and Dean of the Men’s Teachers Program.

Michael looks forward to sharing BPI tools with (and learning from) his students.

Lisa RoweRev. Lisa Rowe

Rev. Lisa Rowe grew up predominantly in the village of San Lorenzo, CA. At the age of 10 she became obsessed with Astrology and at age 12 learned Transcendental Meditation. In her teens her clairvoyance kicked on and she began having very vivid past life dreams. Raised a Catholic, she started to question what or who God was. Her Mother would tell her, “God is Jesus”. Which still left her confused. So she began her quest to find out what God was or where God was.

Through nature and her connection to it, she received many of her own answers. However she had no idea what being grounded was and never fully felt safe in her body. This led her to the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1993 where she has been taking classes and teaching for the past 20 years, this included 5 years of teaching Sunday School.

Empowered with psychic tools, she continues to create miracles and enjoy life. In her spare time, she enjoys time with her pets, her family, nature hikes and also making oils, incenses and candles!

Stuart TurnerRev. Stuart Turner
Teacher/Professional Psychic Readings

Hi, my name is Stuart Turner.

I am from Tucson, AZ home to some of the most magnificent thunderstorms. I have an associates degree in electronics and a bachelors in engineering from Arizona State University. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking on my well worn mongoose, swimming, and watching wildlife.

My first psychic reading occurred before attending the movie Stalker, which was the feature show next to the Psychics place of residence in Santa Monica.

Living in Los Angeles I worked for the same company that manufactured the rockets that flew to the moon; however, a process engineering opening at a San Francisco manufacturer drew me to the Bay Area. I found Berkeley Psychic Institute within a year of living in the Bay and attended a “Psychic Fair” which transformed my life.

Subsequently I began taking classes and graduated from the clairvoyant program in 2001 and have since become a Licensed Minister and Teacher at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, which is the seminary of the Church of Divine Man.

Elaine BergerRt. Rev. Elaine Berger
OTO Dean & Teacher

Born and Raised in the Bay Area, I chose a career in the medical field . After many years in the traditional educational system. I began studying in the informal “Psychic” system. While earning my living in the medical field, I continually pursued my spiritual growth.

In 1984 I took my first beginning class at BPI, and it changed my perception of the world. In 1992 I began my intensive training in the clairvoyant training program. Since then I’ve completed multiple programs, including teaching, women’s healing, hands on healing, body communication, trancemediumship, the One-To-One program teacher’s program.

I am now the Dean of the One-To-One program and a Bishop in the Church of Divine Man. I offer spiritual reading and healing, with a particular fondness for women’s reading, body wellness/Medical intuitive reading, and religious past life reading. I am also available for hands on healing and professional One-To-One sessions.