1. What happens in psychic kindergarten?

At BPI you can experience being a sensitive person in groundedness and communication about who you truly are as a spirit. This enables you to pursue and fulfill your goals more easily and experience life with more awareness on a day-to-day basis. BPI is a school of spirit-to-spirit “hellos,” where the spirit comes first. You receive aura readings and energy checks (readings) on the psychic tools you are being taught, healings, and lessons on how energy works with spirit in a human form. At BPI you will learn how to get to the Akashic records, how to ground, run life-force energy, develop and further your clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, telepathic abilities and much, much more. We teach techniques for removing foreign energy from your energy field and chakras, and how to do this for others as a healer. You will learn how to sit still in a chair with your feet planted on the floor and meditate for many hours at a time; you will learn how to match and unmatch someone else for the benefit of learning the spiritual mechanics of how mental image pictures are stimulated and how they get can get you stuck. You will learn how to heal yourself of others intentions and energies in your space at BPI.

2. I see things (or people) that no one else sees. Am I psychic or crazy?

You are psychic. You are allowing the operative part of your psychic abilities to speak to you. In each chakra (energy center in the body from head to toe) there is a specific psychic ability–like a kidney filters toxins, chakras emanate energy into your aura. The second chakra tells you when you are feeling the emotions of others, not your own. The third eye–center of head–tells you symbols and colors and pictures that others have around them. Have you ever looked at someone and seen fogginess, but it is a bright sunny day? Your clairvoyant center is talking to you, sending you a message.

3. What happens at a psychic reading?

All Things that have consciousness of life, continually state the condition of their being in the form of electronic waves.  This energy field is visible to a clairvoyant as organized patterns of color, whose composition and structure vary according to the person or object being read.  Specific information concerning the attitudes and experiences of a person are recorded in smaller units of structured energy, visible to a clairvoyant as “images” or “pictures”.  The 2 Hour Aura reading looks at these colors and pictures.  The first half of the reading will look at your chakra’s, how you are using them, followed by a past life reading.  They will start to look at the 7 layers of your aura and will take a break some where in the middle of the aura.  At break a staff person will look at your chart and answer any questions you may have about the format.  Once you return to the reading, they will complete the aura and answer 2-3 questions.  It is recommended to bring a recording device.

4. What happens at an aura healing?

A trained healer brings in their healing guides who work with you the spirit to attain your own wellness goals. The spirit guide comes through only the hands of the healer who stands near you weaving their arms in and around your body’s magnetic field known as the aura. The guide also inspects and cleans out the chakras, the seven energy centers inside of the body. It grounds you to the planet and gives you something akin to a shower, an energy shower, releasing negative forces and bringing balance into your aura, your body. The healer then steps back and cleans himself out of the same energies released from your space. It takes 5-10 minutes for a simple aura healing.

5. What is a psychic fair?

At our Open House/Psychic Fair we offer free Aura healings and a smorgasbord of approximately 15 minute psychic readings such as love life, goals, women’s creative energy, men’s readings, and family. You can get a tarot or palm reading, a past life or future reading. You can get a healing, a reading or if offered, attend an introductory workshop on psychic tools taught at the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

6. How do I know if I am psychic enough?

Everyone is Psychic. The most common experience is a hunch or a dream. Hunches are messages saying your intuition is working to assist you in handling specific tasks in life. A dream is another message to teach you an aspect of a lesson you are learning. Follow your hunches and you are acting intuitively.

7. I’m the most psychic/intuitive/sensitive person I know. I need psychic college not psychic kindergarten. How can BPI help me?

Most active psychics are transmitters and receivers all at once. Being very psychic may mean you’d like help in controlling those abilities, or clean out your energetic space so you can see more clearly and not be as affected by other people’s energies. The kindergarten aspects of BPI will assist even the most advanced psychic to ground their talents, discern energy origins, remove negative forces and protect yourself from energy whacks and guided missiles. What destroys most naturally developed psychics is their inability to protect themselves and to dissolve into isolation. BPI provides validation, support and continuing education. Every talented person no matter what skill level, needs continuing education. You will progress very fast through psychic kindergarten if you are already being an active intuitive and find your certainty and grounded center. You can also get waivers of certain classes to progress at your own pace.

8. I don’t believe in psychic. Why should I try BPI?

Meditation is the first thing to try because it releases stress and grounds you to the planet. Once you experience BPI’s simply kindergarten level of meditation called “psychic meditation” you will begin to notice more intuitive activity in your life. As you become more in balance and in harmony with your life and the world around you, you are able to pursue and fulfill your goals more easily.

9. How do I know you’re not a scam trying to steal my money?

Once you get a free aura healing at any BPI, you will get a good picture of what BPI is and what it can do if you choose to receive spiritual support from the readings or classes. Your contribution is used to keep the organization functioning as a church, a non-profit. We do not tell you anything you do not already know. Being skeptical is healthy.

10. What time are your classes?

All class, readings and workshop times are listed on the individual pages. All times are USA Pacific Time (GMT-08:00).

If you have any further questions, feel free to [contact us]