Say hello to the God of your heart, feel free to bring food for the potluck, and heal yourself. Contact your local pastor if you’re interested in doing a church part. Berkeley Psychic Institute is the Seminary of the Church of Divine Man. CDM is a non-denominational psychic Christian church that is open to everyone.

The Church services for Berkeley are most often on the 2nd sunday of the month.  There are a couple of times a year where we will change the date to go with events that are happening.

The Church services for 2017 are as follows:

January 8th in Berkeley at 10:30am Theme- Present Time
February 12th in Santa Rosa at 10:30 am Theme-Graduation
March 12th in Berkeley at 10:30 am Theme-Amusement
April 2nd in Santa Rosa at 10:00 am Theme-Erasure and Confirmation
May 7th in Berkeley at 10:30 am Theme-Mother Earth
June 11th in Berkeley at 10:30 am Theme- Men’s Service