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7:30pm  – 10pm

Nov 1st – Dec 20th  2017

Attend in person or Live Online. All of our online classes happen live, real time, there are no recordings to listen to, this is a live class only.

*How to participate online

Contribution: $450 or 2 @ $250

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This is a Clairvoyant Meditation class. In this class you will learn all the tools you need to develop your psychic abilities. You get to own your certainty and enjoy the clarity of your truth. Learn the spiritual mechanics to accomplish any goals easier and quicker than ever before. At the end of the 8 week session, you are well on your way to live a spiritually centered life and have the tools to:

  • Release anxiety, pain, guilt and shame and bring in your joy, enthusiasm and passion for life
  • Discover, explore and validate your intuitive abilities and nurture your unique spirituality
  • Create healthy boundaries in your relationships and shield yourself from daily stress, irritants and other people’s problems
  • Find amusement amidst life’s everyday challenges and appropriate solutions for problems
  • Connect to your power within and reclaim your life force energy
  • Have more freedom, learn to be in present time and appreciate each moment of your life
  • Release old stuck patterns that no longer work for you, and create and manifest from your heart’s desires
  • Clean out negative energies in your home, office or anywhere you go
  • Get to know your spirit guides and how to work with them

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This class is the prerequisite to all other classes and programs.

Questions? Email or call 510-558-9450


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