Thursdays, 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
October 11th to November 15th

Taught by:     Rt. Rev. Natalie Villeda
Attend in person or Live Online

  • Prerequisites: Meditation 1, a female body
  • Contribution: Each 6 week class is $300 (comes with a 2 hour student reading) or $250 each if preregistered 1 week before class starts, and includes a 1/2 hour aura reading.

Pre registration ($250):

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Registration week of class ($300):

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This special meditation class for women is designed to allow you to know what you’re truly capable of as a spirit in a female body. Gain radical self acceptance and personal empowerment. Experience and express the sacredness of your feminine self; validate your body as the vessel of pleasure, joy and wellness. This class is a divine offering for women to:

  • Validate and celebrate being a spirit in a female body
  • Let go of guilt and responsibility you experience because you are a woman
  • Stop being effected by other people’s emotions, judgments and competition
  • Be friends with your own emotions and use them to heal yourself
  • Own your female power and experience your divine feminine energy
  • Discover your personal female healing powers and validate your wellness
  • Work with a healing guide whose sole purpose is to pamper, nurture and heal you
  • Communicate with your body in the highest vibration of joy, wellness, abundance and validation
  • Trust your intuition, develop confidence, and be truly aware of your boundless female creativity
  • Establish clarity with your personal goals and certainty in your ability to manifest for yourself as a unique spirit in a female body
  • Find spiritual autonomy in the context of family, friends and intimate relationships
  • Release negative family patterns and behaviors while learning to accept and validate your family heritage.

Women’s Intuition Schedule for 2018

Wednesday, April 11 to May 16, 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Saturdays, July 14 to August 18th, 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Thursdays, October 3rd to November 15th, 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Questions? Email RobertM@berkeleybpi.com


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