Psychic Fair

We offer the following reading topics:

    • Astral Travel: What happens to you when you dream?
  • Aura: What color is your aura today?
  • Body Weight: Why does your body like to put on weight?
  • Career: What abilities do you have that would help you to improve your job situation?
  • Family Healing: 2 or more family members can ask questions about family and get s spiritual communication
  • Female Energy: What are you manifesting with your creative female flow?
  • Future: What are you creating for yourself in the year ahead?
  • Kundalini: How are you running this dynamic healing force in your body?
  • Love Life: What happens when you create space to say hello to a partner?
  • Money: How can you create more of it and be able to enjoy it?
  • Next Step: Spiritual counseling
  • Nutrition: What special nutritional needs have you created for your body?
  • Past Life: What past lives are you drawing information from to help solve problems in this lifetime?
  • Relationships” What is interfering with the communication in your relationship?
  • Spirit Guide: What do your guides look like, and what information are you drawing from them?
  • Transmedium: How do other spirits affect you — in or out of your body?

We do not provide traditional Tarot or Palm readings.  However some of our readers have Oracle decks or other non-traditional decks at home, so please ask the Host.

We do not do Over-the-Phone Readings or Healings during our Psychic Fairs. You must sign in using our Zoom Link.

Day & Time: Saturday & Sunday 1pm-5:30 pm, Pacific Time ONLY.

Location: Berkeley Online and Sacramento.

PrerequisiteOpen to All

Donation: Free admission and healings. 15 min readings by donation.

Next Psychic Fair:  Offered only online!

Saturday & Sunday, October 24 & 25

Please follow the steps below for stress free attendance to our ONLINE FAIR

Step 1: If you wish to join us just to receive a free Aura Healing, Click here, ON FAIR DAYS ONLY, to join our Online Fair between 1 and 5:30 pm, Pacific Time.

Step 2: If you wish to receive 1 or more of our 15 minute readings on any of the above topics, use the Register Buttons below to pay for your reading and then use the blue link above to join our fair, ON FAIR DAYS ONLY, BETWEEN 1 & 5:30 PM, PACIFIC TIME.

We are a Church. All payments are considered donations and are non-refundable

One 15 minute Reading $15 donation


Three 15 minute Readings $40 donation


Dates in 2020:

  • November 14th and 15th
  • December 5th

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