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ChannelingWhat is a Trance Medium Healing? Healers channel experienced healing beings to give you a powerful healing unlike any other. A trance medium healing can help you regain your emotional, mental and spiritual balance. It is a gentle, but intensive energy healing done by experienced channeling healers. A quick healing takes about 5 minutes and the healer may impart a sentence or two of description of the healing work. A lengthy recorded healing takes 15 minutes and the healer gives a more detailed reading of the healing work performed. Both healings are powerful and many people feel the transformative effects for days, weeks or months.

  • Two Healing Types: “Quick” and “Lengthy”
  • In-Person: Quick 5 min. healing ($10); Lengthy 15 min. healing + reading ($30)
  • Long Distance: Lengthy healing via phone/online with digital recording emailed ($35)
  • Schedule: 1st and 3rd Fridays 7 pm – 9 pm. Slots fill fast, appointments are highly recommended.
  • Click here to see calendar


Special Offer

Special Offer for ongoing TM Healings: no need to call or register each week! DHC Monthly Healing Packages include four Trance Medium healings each month:

  • 3 “Quick” 5 min healings
  • 1 “Lengthy” 15 min recorded healing + reading.
  • Contribution: $49 a month ($65 value) for four healings.

Sign up for this unique easy to manage healing package: 707-542-6680 or staff@divinehealingcenter.org.



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