Spiritual counselings with our trained Clairvoyant Students and BPI Graduates who will be reading in person and online. Also please know we do not record readings, you are welcome to use your own device to record with.

We accept cash in the exact amount of the reading only, no $50 or $100 bills. We accept credit cards & checks

Aura ReadingWhat is an aura reading?

The aura reading is a spiritual counseling and is truly one of the great spiritual experiences on the planet.  Who are you, the spirit?  What are you working towards and where have you come from?  What questions do you have about your life?  We read 3 past lives, your chakra abilities, 7 layers of your aura, and answer 3 of your questions. Through this process we look at and validate who you are as a spirit.

Online readings also available. We do not offer phone readings by students. How to participate online click here.

  • General Aura Reading
  • Length: 2 hours (chakra abilities, past lives, aura, questions)
  • Contribution: $40
  • Schedule:
    • Wednesday 8:00 pm
    • Thursday 8:00 pm

Book a 2 Hour Aura Reading at the      Berkeley Mission, 1730 Solano Ave. Berkeley

Or click here to see Graduate Reading schedule

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Or click here to get a reading with graduates of our clairvoyant program.


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