aS OF mARCH 17, 2020, all READINGS will be online only


Our BPI Clairvoyant Program students gather in the student reading space to continue discovery and development of their own psychic skills and abilities. Currently, the students read on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Pacific Time (GMT-08:00). During the “Shelter at Home” directive we will only have online students  participating. We provide one reading per evening. If you need more than one reading per evening, please visit our Déjà vu Psychic Reading Hotline using this link.

You are invited to book a reading and experience the psychic kindergarten classroom with our students for yourself. The aura reading is a unique and powerful spiritual counseling experience. Our students never do Over-the-Phone readings.
During the “Shelter at Home” directive we will only be offering online readings, from the comfort of your own home. Please read our online reading guidelines before signing up for ab online reading.  Click here to see online guidelines.


  • We DO NOT record readings. You are welcome to record your reading with your own device.
  • ALL readings must be paid for at the time of booking and are booked ONLINE ONLY. 
  • Reading times (Pacific Time (GMT-08:00)) and days are limited and our calendar fills up fast. We accept credit cards and ATM/debit cards.
  • BPI students do not offer readings by telephone. If you are interested in receiving an aura reading/spiritual counseling by phone, than a BPI graduate reading is in order. BPI graduates will be doing phone readings upon request after the “Shelter at Home” directive has ended. The cost is the same as an online reading.
  • Berkeley BPI does not do “on demand” readings of any kind.

The Déjà vu Psychic Reading Hotline offers “on demand” readings and healings. The Hotline has a variety of reading and healing sessions, via telephone, to choose from. The hotline reading space can accommodate your specific and customized reading requirements.

You can contact the Déjà vu Psychic Hotline by calling 1-800-201-2872 or, visit the hotline website for further information.

Aura ReadingWhat is an aura reading?

The aura reading is a spiritual counseling and is truly one of the great spiritual experiences on the planet.  Who are you, the spirit?  What are you working towards and where have you come from?  What questions do you have about your life?  We read 3 past lives, your chakra abilities, 7 layers of your aura, and answer 3 of your questions. Through this process we look at and validate who you are as a spirit.

  • General Aura Reading
  • Length: 2 hours (chakra abilities, past lives, aura, questions)
  • Contribution: $40 given for at the time of booking. Any booking created without contribution will automatically be deleted from the system.
  • Schedule:
    • One reading, Wednesday 8 to 10 pm, Pacific Time (GMT-08:00)
    • One reading, Thursday 8 to 10 pm, Pacific Time (GMT-08:00)

Book a 2 Hour Aura Reading at the Berkeley Mission,

1730 Solano Ave. Berkeley

Any booking created without contribution will automatically be deleted from the system.

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