Judy N

I just wanted to offer my thanks and gratitude to you and your team from Berkeley Psychic Institute.

The energy in my home immediately felt more clear and calm after you all left the night you came to do the reading and energy healing.  My nervous system hadn’t quite caught on though, so it took a while for me to calm enough to begin sleeping normally again.  

I followed some of the suggestions offered by you and your team including: removing the Noren curtains in my hallway and entrance to my bedroom to allow the energy to flow more freely, opening up the door to the extra bedroom and spending time in there, I purchased an essential oil diffuser to fill my house with scent I love, and have been generally occupying more of my house including my backyard–filling the space with my energy, playing my music, dancing, etc.  
I’ve also been grounding myself and clearing my energy regularly and inviting the energies that aren’t here for my highest good to leave.
Your intervention made such a huge difference to me!  I finally feel safe in my home again and this is such a blessing.  I can’t thank you all enough